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Public servants are recurring ministry employees in the Beholder series. They are part of the police force and the Ministry of Health.


In Beholder and Beholder: Blissful Sleep, the police and health officials will show up during specific events. They will never talk to Carl Stein or Hector Medina, except when the police find either landlord stealing.



They will appear when Hector Medina plants bedbugs in each apartment and then calls the ministry to request for an exterminator. They will go into apartments 1-4 and spray the bugs, disinfecting the building.


If Hector does not find out that Louisa Manishek and Jacob Manishek are Zlata Schimmer's real parents, two public servants that look like the exterminators will appear in a medical car and take the blood sample of everyone but Louisa Manishek and Marcus Manishek.

They can be seen in a newspaper article about blood tests.


Two police officers will arrive inside a police car on Krushvice Street if they need to take away a body, transport a tenant to the hospital, take away a tenant, arrest a tenant, or take away George de Latour's statue.


  • All public servants will always work in pairs onscreen.
    • However, if Carl is arrested, he is taken to a police car that has three police officers.
  • The public servants cannot die ingame, as they are all NPCs.
  • Every tenant has a fearful/crying animation when the police are found in their apartment, even if they are under state protection.


  • In some older versions of Beholder, bribing the police after being caught stealing will cause the stolen items to be taken away from Carl's inventory, even though they should remain as he does not get in trouble with the police.
  • A softlock will occur if a tenant's walking speed is faster than a police officer's walking speed, and Carl is caught stealing in an apartment by both the tenant and the police. If this occurs, the tenant will confront Carl before the police, and Carl will be stuck running on the spot after he apologizes. This can be avoided if Carl says he is repairing furniture.
    • This is likely because Carl is supposed to be stuck in place because the police are confronting him as well, but he is supposed to be moving as well. The game automatically causes Carl to leave an apartment after he apologizes and does not allow the player to move him before he has exited the apartment.