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The New Tomorrow Movement is a very large rebellion group in Beholder who are against the ministry.


Sometime between 1886 - 1986, the New Tomorrow Movement was formed after many people who discontent with the government. Since then, the group has organized many protests and demonstrations, some of which turn violent. Sometime between 1986 - present date, Krushvice 6 was bombed, which was one of many protests. Their protests would continue to escalate during this time. Sometime after these incidents, the group would attempt to assassinate General Airel Johnson, rally the miners to go on strike for poor working conditions, and program government propaganda to broadcast their speeches instead. After these incidents, the movement would either prove to be successful and overthrow the government, or be disbanded after all of its members are arrested (determinant to Carl's actions).


The New Tomorrow Movement are more in favor of violent riots than peaceful ones, but try to minimalize death as much as they can. However, they are willing to kill people for the greater good. One of their mottos is "You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs," causing some people like Carl Stein to question if they really care about the country's citizens.


  • Several citizens are injured in an explosion after Klaus Schimmer is evicted.
  • 11 people will die during an arrest if Carl helps Fulfledle Brukich and gives him the box from George Danton.
    • The university will shut down after the shooting and all its students will be send to become miners or be drafted into the military.
  • Several citizens can be injured if Carl tells George Danton that Antoine Grubic works for the government, resulting in at least 1 death.
  • Antoine Grubic will be shot and killed by George Danton if Carl tells George that he is hiding in his basement.
  • General Airel Johnson will be stabbed to death by a member of the movement if Carl lures him out of the apartment.
  • If Airel Johnson isn't told about the assassination attempt, moves out safely, and Patrick Stein is made into a patriot by the Loyalty Gas, Patrick will die in a Attempted Assassination of Airel Johnson at a Stadium when the police are subduing the crowd after a member of the New Tomorrow Movement attempts to shoot the general.
  • Several innocent people will die if the movement overthrow the government in the ending.


  • George Danton (leader or high ranking member)
  • Antoine Grubic (formerly)
  • ???
  • Fulfledle Brukich
  • Albert Meineke
  • Several other unnamed characters