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The Loyalty Gas is a type of gas that was invented by Inga Birkenfield's science department, on the order of the ministry, that brainwashes people into devoting themselves fully to the state. A person who is exposed to this gas will only care about impressing the government and will not feel fear anymore. While they will still remember their life, they are willing to report their closest friends and family if they are disloyal to the state.

Although subjects who are exposed to the gas will have no tolerance for people around them to disrespect the ministry or the country, they may still break government directives on their own.


The military work alongside the scientific department to promote loyalty within its citizens. General Airel Johnson engages in several loyalty speeches that further cause subjects who have already been exposed to the gas to want to go to war for their country. One of the reasons that the gas was created was to convince people who join the army and defeat the enemy.

Affected People

  • Gerda Birkenfield (implied)
  • Patrick Stein (determinant)
  • Several unnamed test subjects
  • Countless draftees