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The Krushvice Street bombing is an event that occurs after Carl Stein reports to the Ministry of Order that Klaus Schimmer has been evicted.


The operation will occur immediately after Carl is given the order to put up propaganda posters. Everyone in the apartment building will gather on the first floor, next to the flower pot, with a :( expression over their head, unless the tenant is moving in, moving out, or being arrested by the police. Soon, a large crowd of people will run from the left side of the building to the right side while screaming. Four police cars will drive by during this event. An explosive will set off on the roof building while this is occurring, damaging around 13 pieces of furniture. Roughly 24 hours later, there will be a newspaper talking about it, with the New Tomorrow Movement claiming responsibility for the event.


The ministry were planning on introducing 14 hour shifts to workers, sparking outrage within the New Tomorrow Movement. Members of the group set off several explosions at the convenience goods storage facility on Krushvice Street. 15 people who injured, but no one was killed. It is implied that this was one of the first violent protests the New Tomorrow Movement organized from the Voice of Truth section of the newspaper.


  • This is the only event caused by the New Tomorrow Movement that cannot be avoided, unless Carl is killed or arrested before it occurs.