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Krushvice 6 is the main location in Beholder and Beholder: Blissful Sleep. It is a four story tall apartment building with a basement, a kitchen, and a laundry room. It serves as a residence for citizens in the country and is run by a ministry employed landlord, who spies on his tenants. The rent from the tenants is directly given to the ministry, rather than the landlord.

List of tenants

  • Anna Stein
  • Airel Johnson
  • Albert Meineke
  • Alloisius Shpak
  • Anjei Rothaar
  • Antoine Grubic
  • Bastian Walner
  • Bruno Noel
  • Clara Jacque
  • Clara Walner
  • Dora Noel
  • Fulfledle Brukich
  • Gerda Birkenfeld
  • Georg Dreiman
  • Inga Birkenfeld
  • Irving Munch
  • Jacob Manishek
  • Jones Popanedo
  • Klaus Schimmer
  • Krista-Maria Dreiman
  • Leo Gvizdek
  • Maria Schimmer
  • Margaret Zauer
  • Mark Ranek
  • Martha Stein
  • Patrick Stein
  • Rosa Ranek
  • Rowena Petracke
  • Sarah Wattermach
  • Sonora Voiko

List of tenants (DLC)

  • Order
  • Murray Gibbs
  • George de Latour
  • Khan Van Megeren
  • Jacob Manishek (DLC)
  • Louisa Manishek
  • Marcus Manishek
  • Mark Ranek (DLC)
  • Rosa Ranek (DLC)
  • Klaus Schimmer (DLC)
  • Maria Schimmer (DLC)
  • Zlata Schimmer
  • Christopher Danson
  • Gertrude Danson
  • Johanne Bessler
  • Lionel Kramer
  • Jeanne Oehrn (DLC)


  • The apartment originally had 8 apartments, rather than 6, in the beta version of Beholder, but the developers believed that it would be too hard to manage.
  • There is a total of 33 smoke detectors in the building.