Beholder and Blissful Sleep Wiki

Change is coming is a ministry quest that is given in the end game.


I need to prepare for the inspection.


After the 120 hours are over, Carl Stein will have 5 additional hours to pick up the phone. In order to achieve the best ending, it is recommended that Carl never reports that he defused the bomb so that he can gather enough money to emigrate, as he is able to ask Georg Dreiman about emigration before he receives this quest.

In order to achieve the ending where Carl has no assessment violations, he will have to pay Bruno Hempf $60 000 or report Klaus Schimmer, fulfill all the ministry quests, keep Antoine Grubic safe from George Danton, never help the New Tomorrow Movement, and keep Inga Birkenfield inside the apartment without killing her or helping her leave the country.

In order to pass the assessment with some violations, Carl should help the New Tomorrow Movement once, give up Antoine Grubic, assassinate Airel Johnson by luring him or giving him a bomb, helping Inga leave the country or kill her, get Klaus Schimmer to move out without reporting him, or program the mobile propaganda unit to the fairy tale or New Tomorrow Movement frequency. However, he should side with the ministry every other time to prevent his arrest.

In order to fail the assessment, Carl should not pay Bruno Hempf anything, always help the rebellion, help Inga leave the country, get caught stealing twice, and help Klaus Schimmer escape the country.

Carl will never be able to be with his entire family if he passes the assessment, making it the second best ending at the most. Patrick will either be brainwashed and go missing in action in a war, or he will be in another country. If Carl fails the assessment, he will be arrested.