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The Attempted Assassination of General Airel Johnson is an event organized by the New Tomorrow Movement.


Failed Present

If Carl Stein tells Airel Johnson that a random guy wanted to give him a present, which has a bomb inside it, Airel will not take it and will report Carl for negligence, causing him to be arrested.

Failed Stabbing

If Carl Stein alerts Airel about the revolutionaries wanting to kill him, Airel will bring a gun and confront the rebel on the corner of the building. The rebel will attempt to run away, but will be shot dead by the general.

Failed Shooting

If Carl refuses to kill Airel, but doesn't alert him or the ministry about the rebels wanting to kill him, Airel will move out and organize another large speech in a stadium. This will only occur if Patrick Stein is brainwashed. At the stadium, a member of the New Tomorrow Movement will attempt to shoot Airel, but will miss.


  • It is assumed that the person who tries to shoot Airel at the stadium is the same person who would stand at the corner of the building if Carl agrees to kill Airel, as the shooting will not occur if he is killed.