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Airel Johnson is a high ranking military general in the Military of unnamed country, a ministry employed propagandist, and a tenant in Beholder.


General Airel Johnson has been making speeches to encourage citizens to join the military for many years. He is known as the Butcher of Aglow/Aglow Butcher because of his participation in the Toucan operation, in which he attacked the anti-government Town of Aglow for their peaceful protests, and is infamous to the New Tomorrow Movement for specializing in suppressing peaceful protests with violent measures.

Toucan operation

Airel was in charge of the operation and commanded a battalion of tanks to suppress protests in Aglow. There were over 600 people killed, and several thousand injured. After the battle, Aglow's main business, the clock factory, shut down, and it became a ghost town.


If Carl Stein agrees to kill him, there will be three different ways to kill him. First, handing him a bomb and saying that it was a gift from the draftees or a lady who is his fan, he will open it in his apartment and be blown up.

If Carl lures him out to the corner, he will be stabbed to death by a revolutionary.

If Carl gives him rat poison or arsenic and says it is medicine by using his reputation, he will drink it and by from poisoning.

Airel will shoot the revolutionary on the corner of the building instead if Carl refuses to kill Airel and warns him about the assassination.